Transponder Keys

How to program your transponder key

Most vehicles today require a chip that can be programmed to your vehicle before it can start. You will need to search online for an automotive locksmith to program the key or the smart fob for you. Some older models, mostly GM, Chrysler, and Ford, offer the option to program the key yourself as long as you have 2 working keys. After you cycle the 2 keys, it will then be ready to add the 3rd key. We call this on-board programming. For more accurate information on your vehicle, check if you can program your key yourself without any special equipment, please choose your make and model, then choose the fob or key that you need and seek the information online for more details.

Transponder Keys & Programming in Weatherford, Texas

Most late-model vehicles have a transponder computer key chip system. This system was designed to help stop thieves from popping the ignition and starting the car. Locksmith Of Weatherford has all the knowledge, equipment, tools, and keys to provide you with a replacement for your current transponder keys. If you would like to learn more about this service please contact us.

Finding a local Locksmith for Transponder Keys

It is extremely hard to locate a decent locksmith to cut and reprogram your transponder key onsite. Unfortunately, we have a lot of scam companies that are unlicensed in Weatherford that say they can originate your key at a very low price. These prices will start around $40 and will end up costing way over $400-$600 as they are sitting in your car. They will tell you that the price was for the services call and that’s it. They will proceed to tell you that your vehicle is a very hard one to make a key for. This is what we call Bait and Switch.  Always ask for the total price when dealing with any locksmith company. Ask for their license when they pull up to make a key for your vehicle.

Transponder Keys