The town of Weatherford, Texas

The town of Weatherford, Texas

Weatherford is a great place to live or visit all year round. The weather is hot in the summer and cool in the winter. There is plenty to do in this cozy little town.

Things to do in Weatherford, Texas

  • Visit Weatherford lake and ski, fish, or lounge around the lake
  • Go to the flea market First Monday
  • Bars
  • Places to eat
  • Historical sites
  • Take a long drive in the country
  • Car shows

About Weatherford, Texas

The town of Weatherford occupies a territory of approximately 30 square miles. Weatherford is located between the intersections of Interstate I20 and Highway 180, about 30 miles west of the City of Fort Worth and around 100 miles from Abilene, Texas. Interstate 20 runs along the City’s south border and provides significant access to Fort Worth and Dallas at any hour day or night.

Busy City

This big, busy, growing, healthy, rich, cozy, and self-confident little country town have plenty of things to offer for everyone. Everyone thinks this town is a small cow-poke city with horses still trotting down the street. Dozens of gleaming historic buildings tower above the level plains, while an assortment of neighborhoods and businesses sprawl in all directions around this little town. It has far outgrown its historic times and is supported by new pickup trucks, luxury cars, and exotic sportscars going in all directions, a network almost without comparison to other Texas cities.

Mineral Wells State Park

Mineral Wells state park is just around the corner and is a beautiful place to escape the riff-raff of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington metroplex. It is a great place to go fishing, hiking, boating, kayaking, or even rock climbing! You can hike the Red Waterfront Trail, a semi-short trail with beautiful views that sits alongside the beautiful lake that sits there peacefully. The trail leads to a really nice rock climbing spot, Penitentiary Hollow, where you can watch some people climbing up the large rocks. You and your family could easily spend all day in the state park, but you can switch directions and head into the town of Weatherford.


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The town of Weatherford, Texas